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Between Heaven and Earth
By Doug Garr

New York writer Doug Garr spent his college and early adult years as a "skydiving slut" — he'd do almost anything for a free jump — leaping from perfectly good airplanes with some of the sport's most notorious and eccentric practitioners — from the Army's elite Golden Knights to the outlaw jumpers who flew off the World Trade Center and into Shea Stadium during the World Series and the El Capitan peak in Yosemite National Park. The anecdotes are searing and scary, funny and poignant. His memoir delves into an intriguing analysis of the risk personality, but it goes beyond the intrinsic thrills of this often misunderstood sport. His book is also about love and kinship, egos and existentialism, loyalty and trust. As the reader will discover, there is a lot of hugging but few tears among the cult of the extreme.


Between Heaven and Earth by Doug Garr

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