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The Dude 'Du Jour' of Somalia:

First came the coffee. Then, the handshake. We had an agreement.

In a matter of days I was transported from upper Manhattan to a place with no name, situated at the very edge of the world. Somalia, a place of seemingly endless death, tribal warfare and thousand-year-old vendettas.

Utterly flummoxed and breathtakingly out of my element, I felt like a complete, confused, quixotic impostor. Mine is the story of an American surgeon stunningly unprepared for the events in which he was about to engage.

(Now redesigned as a hard cover.)


In this audio recreation of his book, Dr. Shaber narrates his tale of an American surgeon who volunteered for a mercy mission in Somalia. His voice conveys the passion, disappointment, horror, and, believe it or not, humor of what seemed a never-ending nightmare. Gripping and intimate, it is the perfect companion to the book.

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The Dude Du Jour of Somalia

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