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Swann's Last Song
by Charles Salzberg

Nominated for a Shamus Award for Best First PI Novel, 2009

Skip tracer Henry Swann cares little about anything but money, so when a beautiful Upper East Side woman shows up in his office and hires him to find her missing husband, Harry Janus, he smiles and takes the case. But when this seemingly simple missing-person case turns into homicide, Swann finds himself trapped in a complex web of connections and multiple identities that takes him out of New York City and across two continents. As Swann struggles to uncover the truth about Harry Janus and find his killer, he stumbles across drug smuggling, stolen antiquities, and lies, as well as deception that tests his limits as an investigator and as a man.

"Swann's Last Song is wonderful and original and has the feel of Hitchcock. Henry Swann is a delightfully appealing guy, and at times, laugh-out loud funny. The story is action packed while being remarkably charming. I can't wait to read what case Swann is on next. I couldn't put it down the way I can't put down the NO. 1 Ladies Detective Society Series."-- Patty Dann, author of Mermaids and The Goldfish Went On Vacation

"Salzberg's a hell of a writer. He delivers thrills, insight and plenty of laughs. Swann is a very cool take on the classic PI." -- Andrew Klavan, author of True Crime, Dynamite Road, Damnation Street, and Don't Say a Word.

"You can't help but be intrigued by a skip tracer who quotes poetry. Swann's Last Song sucks you in from page one, offering up taut prose, crisp dialogue and wry observations on the grittier layers of city life. Bravo to Charles Salzberg, who's crafted a plot that moves as fast as a stolen car."-- Sally Koslow, author of Little Pink Slips and The Late, Lamented Molly Marx.

"A veritable travelogue of suspense, Swann's Last Song grabs hold of the reader and doesn't let go. Salzberg's anti-hero Henry Swann is a soulful investigator and one of the most paradoxically endearing characters I've come across. I hope this isn't Swann's last song." -- Joy Behar, co-host of ABC-TV's The View, and author of Joy Shtick/em>.

"In Swann's Last Song, Salzberg has devilishly toyed with the usual conventions of the detective novel and produced a mind-bending, literary joyride across two continents to find not only the identity of a murderer but of the victim."-- Robert Hicks, author of the NY Times Bestseller, The Widow of the South.

"Funny, edgy, and surprisingly tender, Swann's Last Song takes us on a voyage through a world that many of us are affected by, but few know as well as Charles Salzberg and his fast-talking narrator, skip tracer Henry Swann. We can all understand what it means to have something - or somebody - disappear from our lives, but it takes a colorful narrator like Swann to show us what it means to reclaim them." -- Roy Hoffman, author of Chicken Dreaming Corn.

"Charles Salzberg has reinvented noir for a Manhattan riven by haves and have-nots. You can always tell when an author is having fun: you are, too." -- Philip Weiss, author of American Taboo: A Murder in the Peace Corp.

"Charles Salzberg is that rare kind of writer who can do nearly anything. Swann's Last Song is his best book yet. -- Stephen Stark, author of Second Son and The Outskirts.


Swann's Song By Charles Salzberg

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